Reflexology treatments

Reflexology treatments are for people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly. People book appointments for relieving symptoms, a general tune-up, relaxation, or for treatments to improve the state of their body. The therapeutic intervention in a session is focused on working the reflexes and assessing a tender reflex.

Reflexology in conjunction with other forms of therapies complements ongoing medical treatments. The vast majority of people can realize the benefits from reducing stress, which in turn minimizes physical symptoms.

In a typical reflexology treatment, the therapist and client have a discussion prior to therapy, to enable the therapist to focus more accurately on the client’s specific complaints and to determine the appropriate pressure points for treatment.

During a complete session, a Reflexology Treatment is performed on both feet. The session, depending upon what is required, will last 45 to 60 minutes.

Using a firm pressure, the reflexes are worked according to the client’s requirements. Stress removal is the first priority followed by enhancing circulation. Reflexology is not meant to inflict pain, and common sense dictates when less pressure is required.

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